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Giveaway Alert!

I'm up to my eyeballs in NaNo, but taking a very quick break for a brief announcement.



If you're based in the USA, chances are that you're about to need a holiday distraction! Your Thanksgiving might mean taking on a long commute, complete with endless lines and delays at the airport or train station.  Maybe you'll need a little mental space in which to recover after overdoing it on family time (and, more critically, family dynamics). Maybe you just don't feel like watching The Parade or (for shame!) The Game.


With this in mind, I've posted a special USA giveaway of The Upsilon Knot for Thanksgiving. You'll find details on the BookLikes Giveaways page.


Because I'm giving away ebooks, you'll have this nice chunk of escapist fiction loaded in your device of choice in plenty of time to settle your turkey-related ruffled feathers!


Readers in the UK and Canada, please note: your day will come. Keep an eye on the Giveaways page for a December event that's just for you!